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At this time we have hit capacity and we are no longer accepting applications for the 2020 Summer Job Connection.  You can stay connected by joining our mailing list below or joining our Facebook group.   Please check back with us next summer!   Our SJC employer application is still open at this time.  Click on the EMPLOYER link to register.

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CareerSource Tampa Bay’s summer youth employment program is our latest initiative for the youth of Hillsborough County. The Summer Job Connection program provides a part-time work paid experience to youth, ages 16 to 24 that meet eligibility requirements. Youth will earn a six-week paid work experience opportunity in a targeted industry within Hillsborough County. Participants in the program are paid $11.00 per hour and work 24-hours per week. 

The Summer Job Connection Program assists with career exploration, exposure to the world of work and provides extensive essential skills training through online and specialized workshops. The program offers youth an opportunity to participate in activities that are age appropriate, encourages them to take responsibility for their learning, become oriented to the workforce, and learn about new job experiences.

As an organization in Hillsborough County, finding quality summer interns has never been easier. The Summer Job Connection allows worksites to write the job descriptions, while we handle the payroll, and facilitate the connection for you to select the best candidates at no cost to you. Youth (ages 16-24) are receiving a 24 hour per week work experience that will provide the opportunity for career exploration, on the job training, and mentoring to develop their soft skills, all while earning a wage of $11/hour to support their family and stimulate our local economy. Together, we can help the talented youth of Tampa Bay meet great opportunities this summer.


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