Raul Silva

Family man Raul Silva assumes many different roles throughout his day. As a hardworking New York native, husband, father, and grandfather, being unemployed wasn’t a role he had planned to obtain. After an unexpected lay off from his employment of 3 years, Silva was feeling absolutely hopeless.

At the time, Silva held a Class-B driver’s license but the demand for Class-A Commercial drivers was much higher. Silva decided that advancing his logistics and transportation knowledge would lead to higher paying job opportunities. Through the WIOA program, Silva was able to receive tuition assistance to train for his Class-A Commercial Driver’s license through Career Tech. To ensure successful completion of his training, Silva was provided with supportive services for transportation and other accompanying needs to help eliminate financial obstacles. Silva’s career counselor even made regular check-in calls to Silva for encouragement throughout the process!

As predicted, Silva worked hard and was able to obtain his driving credentials. Within 2 months of completing his training, Silva was offered a high wage job driving a tractor trailer truck locally. Silva accepted, and has truly thrived in his new position, already being put up for promotion due to his incredible work ethic. “WIOA provided me the opportunity of a lifetime…” Silva explained. “When I was unsure how to pay for training, they helped and now I am back to work and able to provide for my family.”

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Career Center Locations

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