Future Plans

Welcome to your Future Plans® CareerSource Tampa Bay portal! Future Plans® is an online career and educational planning tool brought to you by the Pinellas Education Foundation in partnership with CareerSource Tampa Bay and the Helios Education Foundation.

Future Plans® will let each of you discover more about yourself and can help when you can’t decide what career to pursue or what next planning steps to take. By completing Future Plans® you will gain answers that can help you when meeting with a CareerSource Tampa Bay advisor, career coach, or trusted colleague to plan your future.

Preparation to Begin:

The online jobseeker will need to email one of the contacts below to obtain login credential and assistance prior to beginning the steps below. Or all job seekers are encouraged to visit a CareerSource Tampa Bay center to do their initial login with staff on hand to assist.

Future Plans CareerSource Tampa Bay Contacts:

Once your login credentials have been obtained: Follow the instructions below to create your online profile and begin the assessments and activities, which will enable you to discover your interests, natural talents, work values or preferences, and careers that will be best fit options for you.

Steps to Begin:
  1. Using a computer, open an Internet Browser.
  2. Go to the florida.futureplans.org website.
  3. Click the “Let’s get started” to begin.
  4. When prompted, enter your site’s assigned invitation code:
  5. Next enter your name and date of birth.
  6. To register and create your online profile, you will need a valid email address as your username. For your student id use the invitation code.
  7. Next, you need to create a password. The password is case sensitive and requires a capital, lowercase letters & numbers. A password example could be: Career1234
  8. Once you have completed registration, begin taking assessments and completing online activities.
  9. For further assistance, please visit your local CareerSource Tampa Bay location.
Steps to Return to Your Student Profiler (“Vault”) (Later on campus or at home):
  1. Using a computer desktop or laptop, open an Internet Browser.
  2. Log on to: florida.futureplans.org
  3. Click on the button as a Return Student User or click on the Log In button
  4. Enter your Username (a valid email address) & Password
Help Desk Access:

Click on Contact Us while logged on to florida.futureplans.org or call (727) 588-4816 x2110 and ask for the Future Plans® Help Desk. (Help Desk hours are Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

Future Plans Feedback

One CareerSource workshop trainer statesthat Future Plans is robust and will take time to self evaluate and complete the initial assessments, but the benefits are well worth it in terms of linkage to careers and job openings!!

“Future Plans begins with an Interest Profiler then takes one through a series of tests to establish levels of Diagnostic Reasoning, Arithmetic Reasoning, Vocabulary, 3D Spatial, Computation, Name Comparison, Object Matching, Personality Temperament, Analytic Reasoning and a Work Importance Locator. These exercises require a considerable amount of concentration. After calculating the results the program goes on to recommend certain careers with an educational path to achieve one’s goal. Target market: I believe that this assessment would be best suited for customers who are at or near the beginning of their careers or for someone who is looking to make a complete change.”

A CareerSource trainer also promotes the time is well worth the effort, “Future Plans is a great tool that answers the questions, “What’s next?” and “What am I good at?” When a customer has not yet determined a career path, they try to strive for the “next big thing” instead of finding something which holds a genuine interest or makes them happy. Future Plans opens the window of opportunity by analyzing data provided by the job seeker and suggesting career paths based on that information. As a compliment to Future Plans, the candidate can use our 21st Century website to capitalize on free training directly related to that which Future Plans suggested as a career path. By using these two powerful tools (Future Plans/21st Century), the customer who was at first unsure about his/her next step, can move forward with a sense of confidence towards a goal of meaningful employment.”