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TechHire Community

TechHire works with a network of communities, educators and employers across the country who believe if you can do the job, you should get the job.
TechHire is a nationwide, community-based movement to connect nontraditional job seekers to tech careers.

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Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker

CareerSource Tampa Bay provides (at no cost to your company):

  • Assistance creating and posting job orders for your available positions
  • Referrals of qualified workers to your location
  • Recruiting experienced workers
  • Processing I-9s for all H-2B job referrals
  • Forms 516 INS certification
  • Electronic document retention
  • Referral of your workers to support services

Form I – 9 service (at your work site) includes:

  • Preparation
  • Certification
  • Re-verification
  • Translation

For more information, contact the Maria A. Torres at (813) 422-9339, or Anacelis Collazo at (813) 930-7647,


General Resources

Tampa Bay Gap Analysis

Tampa Bay Skills Gap Analyses were undertaken to quantify the current and future demand for skill sets, so that a pipeline of talent could be developed to the area’s most challenging to hire skill sets. Research included focus groups, interviews, and skill set surveys. The Analyses sought to understand skill sets on the granular level at which hiring managers must make decisions. To learn more, visit

Labor Market Information

Data about employment by location and occupation, labor supply and demand, earnings, unemployment and demographics of the labor force make up what is known as labor market information (LMI).

To see a snapshot of the LMI for Hillsborough County please click here.