“Working with COVID-19”

It is hard to believe it has been more than six months that we’ve been working in the world of COVID-19.   We’ve adjusted, put more resources online and we’ve all learned to adapt.

I want to express my thanks to all CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) customers who’ve utilized our services during this difficult time.

With Labor Day weekend approaching I want to take time to also thank our partners and staff who’ve helped make it all happen.

Our number one concern is providing a safe work environment for our staff, and a safe environment for our customers.   Many of our customers are receiving our services virtually, online and by using our website .  We will continue to work to improve our virtual experience as I believe it is a way we can reach more customers, where they are most comfortable, in their own homes and businesses.

In the first week of September we held two Virtual Job Fairs in which more than 400 people participated.  We will be doing more Virtual Job Fairs in the future.  Our Virtual Job Fair platform is wonderful tool you can use to keep you safe while looking for a job.

Online, we have a Hot Jobs page with hundreds of job openings available right now.   You can access Employ Florida, the state’s job search tool great for job openings not only in Hillsborough County, but across the state.

During this time, we’ve also had to shut down some of our facilities.    But we’ve tried to keep most of our locations open for those who need our services.

We are also dedicated to serve our customer base who might not have everything they need to find a job, or the training necessary for a meaningful career.  Not everyone has high-speed internet to conduct a job search.  Not everyone in Tampa Bay has access to a computer.  Since most job applications are online these days, it is imperative we provide this valuable service in our community.

We’ve been fortunate to have great new programs we can offer the public, like the Rapid Response Recovery (R3) Program, which has $21.5 million in relief for not only job training, but also helping employers who were adversely impacted by COVID-19.   We’re grateful for our partners and the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners who’ve put their trust in us to make these programs available to the public.

If you know someone who needs help looking for a job, job training, or help with getting trained employees in Hillsborough County we ask that you send them to our website

We’re here to help, we have help available and will do our best to help those who need it, even while we work through these times with COVID-19.