How to Become a Training Vendor for CareerSource Tampa Bay

CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) uses a list of approved vendors to provide various services to eligible Hillsborough County residents. We invite all organizations or individuals interested in being an approved vendor to submit an application. We have an open and on-going application process. CareerSource Tampa Bay will review the application and make a determination for a contract. A site visit will be conducted as part of the approval process. All training providers and each course to be offered are subject to approval by CareerSource Tampa Bay's Board of Directors.

The intent of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to identify qualified training institutions to provide occupational training in skill areas of sustained labor market demand or growth. Click here for a listing of occupations, determined to be in demand within the local labor market. The information provided in the RFQ will be used to determine appropriateness for providing requisite training. All responses must be in the format outlined in the attached application. CareerSource Tampa Bay reserves the right to obtain any and all information associated with the training provider review process including, but not limited to, inspecting the training site and/or equipment, reviewing the program curriculum, contacting individuals, agencies or employers listed in an application, or contacting other sources that may have knowledge as to the applicant’s performance, qualifications and/or financial solvency and additional information as required by CareerSource Tampa Bay. Courses and/or programs are approved on a campus-by-campus basis when an applicant offers programs at more than one site.

The institution’s approval as a qualified occupational skills training vendor will not guarantee that participants will be referred to your institution for training. Any and all referrals will be based upon the decision of staff after reviewing an assessment of the client’s aptitudes, abilities, geographic location, interests, costs, and other relevant information. Approval by CareerSource Tampa Bay's Board of Directors includes a one year probationary period. CareerSource Tampa Bay reserves the right to accept or reject any or all responses.

Eligibility Criteria
In accordance with
CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Procurement, Approval and Maintenance of Training Vendors and Programs Policy (click here), occupational training providers are required to participate in a competitive procurement process to become an eligible training institution. To be eligible for inclusion on CareerSource Tampa Bay’s (Region 15) approved list, minimum criteria requires that Training Vendors meet the following preliminary eligibility criteria:

Preliminary Requirements

  1. Must be either (a) a licensed public, post-secondary educational institution eligible to receive funds under Title IV of Higher Education Act, or (b) a private educational institution accredited and fully licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission of Independent Education, or (c) Training Vendor has a registered apprenticeship program under the National Apprenticeship Act.
  2. Must be in business in the State of Florida for at least two years.
  3. Must have a current license and license must be for regional campus where CareerSource Tampa Bay customers would attend.
  4. Must propose programs that are (a) on the regional targeted occupations list click here, (b) fully accredited, and (c) allow the issuance of credentials upon training completion (certificate, degree, diploma) in an occupation that is recognized by the State or local board as a demand occupation, for which the individual is likely to find immediate employment, upon completion of the training. Funding restrictions will not allow for Baccalaureate or Master’s Degree Programs.
  5. If located out of region, must demonstrate need for capacity outside of region.
  6. Must be able to demonstrate fiscal solvency.
  7. Must submit Training Vendor Application which is complete and accurate with all required attachments.
  8. Must allow site visit prior to final approval and meet ADA requirements.
  9. Must meet all requirements as determined by CareerSource Tampa Bay and comply with CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Policy including an agreement to provide student-based information to the Florida Education Training and Placement Information Program (FETPIP), through CIE.
  10. Upon final approval of the full board of directors of CareerSource Tampa Bay, the institution will be added to CareerSource Tampa Bay’s approved list. All eligible training providers will also appear on the internet based list available at:

Subsequent Eligibility Requirements

  1. Maintain licensure through the Commission for Independent Education.
  2. Fulfill requirements in accordance with your contract with CareerSource Tampa Bay.
  3. Fully comply with CareerSource Tampa Bay's Policy which is integral part of the contract.
  4. Continue to supply student-based information to FETPIP.
  5. Update Training Vendor Application and Contract annually.

Applications will be considered for review from a Training Provider that meets the below criteria:

  1. If the training provider is an approved PELL grant school, PELL grant payments must be used first before CareerSource Tampa Bay ITA funding.
  2. The training provider is a public school or is licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education to provide the proposed training program. The training credential shall be issued in the name of the training provider.
  3. The training provider shall not subcontract the delivery of the training and shall be directly responsible for providing the training to the customer. The training provider shall submit licensure documentation to the satisfaction of CareerSource Tampa Bay issued in the name of the training provider from the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education for each course proposed in the application.
  4. Training is available to the general public at an established price as evidenced by a published catalog and fee schedule. The price charged to CareerSource Tampa Bay by the training provider shall not be more than that charged to the general public.
  5. Eligible apprenticeship programs must be registered under the National Apprenticeship Act.
  6. Eligible training provider must agree to participate in the Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program.
  7. Training must provide an occupational skills training in demand occupations per the currently approved Targeted Occupations List for Hillsborough County.
  8. Competency based entrance criteria is established and used.
  9. Training has not been modified to meet the CareerSource Tampa Bay’s needs.
  10. Training includes competency-based assessments.
  11. Completion of training will render graduates eligible for any and all certifications required for employment in the occupation for which they are trained.
  12. Price for tuition, books and supplies is reasonable.

Training Vendor Application

  1. Application Form
  2. Programs and Courses Form (complete one for each program/course requesting approval)
  3. Targeted Occupation List (TOL) for Region 15
  4. Certifications
  5. Building/Facility Checklist
  6. Cost & Performance Data
  7. Policy

Please submit the following:

  • Application
  • Programs and Courses Form for each program/course requesting approval
  • A copy of latest audited Financial Statements/Report
  • A copy of current State License
  • A copy of current liability Insurance
  • A copy of the Florida DOE approved curriculum
  • A completed W-9 Form
  • Building Facility Accessibility Checklist
  • Certifications
  • Cost & Performance Data
  • Four copies of the most current catalog and schedule. If not addressed in the catalog, please attach the following: course description of, and fees associated with any additional counseling, tutoring, or other supportive services that are available to the student, a listing which identifies all ownership interests and corporate officers in your institution. Include names, addresses, and telephone numbers, a list of educational facilities that have a reciprocal agreement for acceptance of transfer credits. A copy of the institution’s most recent activity report to the State Department of Education if applicable). Please submit the application and attachments either by email or mail to:

Mira Pervazova, CareerSource Tampa Bay, Inc. 5100 W. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 300, Tampa, FL, 33609,

Questions or comments regarding this application may be directed to Mira Pervazova at (727) 608-4350 or

All applications will be competitively reviewed and rated by CareerSource Tampa Bay Board Staff with recommendations presented and at regularly scheduled Business Committee meetings. Applications receiving a favorable recommendation will go before the full Board of Directors for final approval. CareerSource Tampa Bay will notify approved training institutions in writing of their approval or denial for providing services. Approval and subsequent addition to our list does not in any way guarantee the use or endorsement of your programs. We offer all approved courses and our program is based on customer choice and referrals will be based upon the decision of staff, after reviewing an assessment of the client’s aptitudes, abilities, geographic location, interests, costs, and other relevant information.

Note: All applications must be signed by the authorized signatory for your organization.

Approved Training Vendors
Click here to view the approved training vendors list for Region 15, Hillsbrough County.


Complaints Procedure
Customers may file complaints, at any time, about a
CareerSource Tampa Bay education or training vendor. We ask that all complaints be submitted in writing and, at a minimum, include the following information:

  1. The name of the vendor, physical and mailing address, telephone number.
  2. The name of the educational program or service received from the vendor.
  3. Contact information – phone number and mailing address – of the person filing the complaint.
  4. A detailed description of the problem or issue; the reason for the complaint.

Please mail or email your complaints to Mira Pervazova, CareerSource Tampa Bay, Inc. 5100 W. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 300, Tampa, FL, 33609,

Useful Links

  • Search Florida’s Statewide List of Certified Training Providers, click here
  • Search Department of Veteran Affairs for Certified Veteran Training Providers, click here
  • Department of Economic Opportunity WIA Program Questions & Answers, click here

Inclusion of information regarding any program of training services or any institution, organization or individual providing training services is in no way an endorsement by Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance, Inc. of that program, institution or individual. Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance, Inc. has included in this list information provided to it by training providers and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. Individuals who will be using the WIA Individual Training Account are strongly encouraged to review the disclaimers about information posted on the Statewide List of Certified Training Providers. To access this information, click on Disclaimer.