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Employment Conditions Snapshot

This page provides a quick glimpse of the Hillsborough County and Tampa Bay area employment conditions.

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Current Market Information

Unemployment Rates (not seasonally adjusted) - January 2015 (most recent available)
United States: 6.1%
Florida: 5.8%
Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater MSA: 5.7%
CareerSource Tampa Bay (Hillsborough County): 5.5%


*Industries gaining jobs in Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater MSA over the year included:

- Trade, Transportation, and Utilities (+9,500 jobs);
- Education and Health Services (+6,800);
- Leisure and Hospitality (+4,700 jobs);
- Professional and Business Services (+4,500 jobs); 
- Government (+2,300 jobs);
- Mining, Logging, and Construction (+1,700 jobs)
- Other Services (+1,400 jobs);
- Financial Activities (+1,400 jobs); and

​- Manufacturing (+600 jobs).


Average Annual Wage - 2013 (most recent available)
Florida: $43,651
CareerSource Tampa Bay (Hillsborough County): $47,410

Click here for a detailed report on industries showing growth or declines in jobs, population totals and other information specific to Hillsborough County.