2012 Job Hunting Series

Click on the links below to watch each video.

Video 1: Appropriate Interview Attire (Recorded in January 2012)

Video 2: Work Readiness Workshop (Recorded in February 2012)

Video 3: Youth Employment (Recorded in February 2012)

Video 4: Veteran Assistance to Gaining Employment (Recorded in March 2012)

Video 5: Building Your Interview Skills (Recorded in March 2012)

Video 6: Resources to Finding Available Jobs (Recorded in April 2012)

Video 7: Your Local One-Stop Center (Recorded in April 2012)

Video 8: Resume Writing & Cover Letters (Recorded in May 2012)

Video 9: Guidance After Job Loss (Recorded in June 2012)

Video 10: Identifying the Right Job for You (Recorded in June 2012)