Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act

At this time, WIOA Program Funding availability is as follows:

  • WIOA Low Income Adult is available as of 7/01/2021
  • WIOA Dislocated Worker is available as of 7/01/2021

WIOA Program Eligibility

Services under the WIOA program are eligibility-based. Therefore, all interested applicants must meet and be able to document general and funding-specific eligibility criteria in order to be considered for enrollment.

All eligible applicants must be a resident of Hillsborough County, 18 years of age or older, and meet U.S. citizenship or permanent resident requirements.

To learn how you can register for WIOA programs click on the  PowerPoint link below.  (PowerPoint will open separate file)


For more information on eligibility for Adults and Dislocated Workers through the WIOA program, please click here.

WIOA Services Include:

Individualized Career Services to Return to Work

Individualized Career Services provides one-on-one career coaching services tailored to the individual’s unique employment need. Services may include:

  • Assessment of skill levels and interest profiles
  • Creation of an individualized career development plan
  • Resume assistance
  • Labor market information
  • Interview coaching
  • Job search assistance

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training (OJT) provides WIOA eligible participants occupational skills and training essential to the performance of a specific job. OJT is an “earn and learn” employment model where participants may upgrade, retool and increase employability skills. OJT addresses local employers’ workforce needs, enhances the skills of the participants and aids employers in attaining qualified, skilled workforce with the competencies that are needed.

Two unique features of OJT:
1. The participant begins training as a new employee
2. The participant receives training at the workplace, under appropriate supervision, acquiring occupational skills and knowledge in an “on-the-job” training environment

OJT is most appropriate for:
• Adults with barriers to employment; i.e. unemployed workers, underemployed workers
• Dislocated workers in need of new employer-based skills

WIOA OJT and Individualized Career Services Online Registration and Pre-screen

To start the enrollment process for WIOA AD DW On-the-Job Training, applicants will need to fully complete the WIOA OJT prescreen below. Once completed, you will be assigned to an OJT Recruiter who will contact you about your next steps within two business days. If you do not see an email in your inbox, please be sure to check your spam/junk folders.

Please apply for the OJT Program at  On-the-Job Training Pre-Screen under CSTB WIOA funding Survey ( or inquire at

Occupational Skills Training

Occupational Skills training includes tuition assistance through WIOA funding.  The WIOA program can include assistance with instructional costs, books, materials, and uniforms/supplies. The primary focus of this funding is education and training for one of this area’s targeted occupations. Upon completion of an approved training program, CareerSource Tampa Bay will help match your skills with jobs that are currently in demand.

The WIOA program is geared towards customer choice. Individuals who are interested in training services are invited to review and research the options presented on our approved training provider list.  This list was developed after extensive research into our local, regional, and statewide labor and job market. In addition, our Board of Directors, which consists of local business experts, have reviewed, and approved this list.

These lists are updated on an annual basis. Training vendor and program selections must fall on the lists noted below to be considered for enrollment through the WIOA program.

Approved Training Vendors and Targeted Occupations Lists

  • ​Approved Training Provider Programs for 2021-2022: (PDF) (Excel)
  • Local Targeted Occupations List for 2021–2022: (PDF)

To begin the enrollment process for WIOA AD DW Occupational Skills Training program, applicants will need to attend a WIOA Info Session. WIOA Info sessions are held multiple times throughout the week at multiple locations. During the WIOA Info Session you will be paired with your Career Coach.

Register for a WIOA Info Session

WIOA Program Informational Sessions

Thank you for your interest in WIOA. We are very excited to serve you! Please note that our WIOA Info Sessions are temporarily paused or halted to allow the WIOA team to process received applications and complete enrollment.  The WIOA AD DW program will re-open the end of January or the first of February.

Please monitor our website for a change in registration for an information session and new available dates.  While WIOA AD DW application is on temporary pause, please look at some other activities that may assist you with your return to work or readiness to start training?

Attend a CareerSource workshop in person or virtually. Click below if interested:

In person / Virtual Workshops

Visit a resource room to meet with a recruiter to assist with your reemployment Work on your job readiness by taking courses in Career Edge. Click below if interested:

Resource Room

Work on preparedness for training by taking refresher course in Metrix. Click below if interested:

Preparedness Training

WIOA Program Appointments

Please email the contact information below.

Questions / Comments

WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs/Enrollment: