Incumbent Worker Training Program

CareerSource Tampa Bay announced open enrollment of Incumbent Worker Training program (IWT)

Training reimbursement to retain and improve your existing workforce 

CareerSource Tampa Bay announces open enrollment for their Incumbent Worker Training program (IWT) for the fiscal year 2021. Employers can qualify for $50,000 in matching funds for Incumbent Worker Training. There is a total of $500,000 available. The funds can be used to hire employees that are fulltime, focusing on industry or business-specific skills, technical or computer skills, foundational such as leadership, teamwork or management.


Incumbent Worker Training is designed for employers to assist in training their current workforce to expand their business offerings, offer promotional or hirer pay to incumbent workers, or to reduce turnover. The program is also designed to upgrade an employer’s existing team’s skills to improve retention and advancement, with financial assistance provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).


“CSTB recognizes that utilizing Incumbent Worker Training funds will help businesses stay competitive and expand in our region,” said CSTB CEO John Flanagan. “We know there is a demand in the business community for this type of training assistance.”



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